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Are you a drug person?or a herbal one? This pertains on which medication do you prefer.
Here in the Philippines we've got a lot of natural resources we were thankful of.Aside from the beautiful scenery, culture and most of all the herbal medicine we use in alternative cure for some illnesses. Don't get me wrong on this. 
The Department of Health has 10 approved therapeutic medicinal herbs.This was approved and written under the Republic Act No. 8423 Medicinal Herbal Plants.

The following are:

                                            Lagundi (Five-leaved Chaste tree)
>wash the leaves and boil into the water
>serve as tea

>best for cough and cold and fever
>the leaves itself proven to relieve headache; just clean the leaves and place into forehead

                                           Ulasiman bato/Pansit- pansitan( Peperomia)
>wash the leaves and boil into the water
>serve as tea
>for people with high uric acid
NV: 2.4-6.0 mg/dL (female) and 3.4-7.0 mg/dL (male) 

>preventing uric acid ,prevents having a gouty arthritis

if will be swallowed: (cooked garlic) best for hypertensive people
if chewed: relieves toothache

                                                 Bayabas (Guava)
>an anti-septic
>best for wound healing

                                                         Yerba Buena
>wash the leaves and boil into the water
>serve as tea

>soothes and relieves body pain

                                             Sambong(Blumea camphor)
>wash the leaves and boil into the water
>serve as tea
>it has an diuretic effect
>also a loop for those who has or recurrent pitting edema

>wash the leaves and boiled into water
>the boiled water used for anti fungal effect

                                   Niyug- niyogan (Burma crupper, Chinese honeysuckle)
>wash the leaves and boil into the water
>serve as tea
>best for anti helmintics

This herbal plants is best among anti helmintics drugs used for children.
Formulated drugs doesn't have the coarse of action to took all helmintics on your child in one dose.
It also doesn't or proven action to tighten the helmints so that it will only be dispersed in one route which is the in the child's anus.
Not unlike with Niyug-niyogan. Proven and effective action of it has been approved by our Health government.

                                    Tsaang gubat( wild tea, ehretia microphylla)
>wash the leaves and boil into the water
>serve as tea
>best for people suffering diarrhea
>it also re-hydrates and gives a spasmolytic effect

                                                 Ampalaya (Bitter Melons)
>best for diabetic people
>it helps to decrease glucose level
>NV glucose (4 mmol/L or 72 mg/dL

Although this were approved medicinal herbs, We have to consider some guidelines before using this.
1. Avoid use of pesticides with this herbs.
   knowing that most of the herbs needed to be boiled and drink after wards , it is not advisable to use pesticides when raising these plants.
2. Use Clay pot
   it is important to some appropriate herbs to be planted on clay pot. This is also
   to make sure that the herbs grew clean and receives enough nutrients without competing to other ground plants
3. Use only the part of the plant that being advocated.
   if it is not said to use then don't. remember to follow instructions carefully.
4. MOST IMPORTANT: if allergy occurs, immediately stop the the use of a particular herbal meds.
   it still depends on our body how to react to any kind of medication.
5. After 2-3 doses and not relieved for a certain illness, consult the physician.
   herbal medication is a first line basis. Some instances that the body cannot compensate to the light effect of the natural herbs.

On my own perception, it is better to try first the available resources before we proceed to expensive one. Besides this will not be accepted if it was not done through process that proves its effectiveness.
Drugs that were made or processed already in the bottle, no matter how the manufacturer insisted that it was natural it is NOT.

Always consult first physician. It is best to be seen by a doctor before making or doing any action.

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