Colds or Flu

We all know that recently our weather here in the Philippines quite unpredictable.We can't help but to take good care of our selves and our love ones to prevent from acquiring illnesses due to the weather changes.One of the most first illness we acquires from interchangeable weather is colds. Some people say it was flu or colds. But let us first define these two words for us to understand how we can manage.

What is the difference between colds and flu?

The difference between a cold and a flu is the severity of the symptoms.
You can say that you are suffering from colds if you are experiencing runny or stuffy nose. Mild sore throat,feeling of tiredness but less severe compared to exhaustion that comes with the flu.Colds gradually occurs and get worse over few days. Lastly, it will not relatively result into a serious health problem.

On the other hand if a person have flu, it includes body ache and severe tiredness or fatigue. It also come on quickly and severely with fever which tend to be higher and last longer ranging from 3 to 4 days than the occasional low grade fever. 

Oooppps before I forgot, additional information here: Did you know that flu, even swine flu are viral infections? I guess everybody knows then :D..A viral infections has no immunity nor immunization. That means that anti-viral immunization is not as helpful as it is like it was advertised . Instead a threat,not a health threat but threat to our purse. Remember flu vaccine has been widely spread in the market when swine flu has been announced. It was a strategically market that provides them( those who invented such) a globalized income. Yes it is! For all we know, viral infection are only healed also by our own immune system. We just need to strengthen immunity, own immunity and be healthy as always. Healthy living, healthy food, healthy environment! That could really help fight flu!  

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