Curing Your Own Depression

Even though the effects of depression might be all too real in your life, depression is not real. If you're suffering from depression, you're only imagining it because depression is the direct result of your subconscious mind's obsession with useless thoughts that were impressed upon it during your formative years. I know that this may seem completely unreasonable to anyone who is trapped in the dark by depression - or, indeed, to anyone whose life is deeply affected because a loved one or family member suffers from depression. But it is a psychological fact. Not only that, it's the way every single person's mind works. In other words, it's normal for your subconscious mind to focus on the past - everyone's does - it's just that the psychological snapshots that your subconscious is focused on are more negative - and the subconscious mind loves negative. This is not your fault - it's the way we're all wired. Nor is it your fault that you're carrying more negative baggage than someone else. Your subconscious mind was impressed with those thoughts by others, people and events that made you feel bad, guilty, useless, upset or traumatized during your childhood years.

Now, whilst it is normal for your subconscious to focus on past deeply-rooted thoughts, it's doing you damage - you can see it and feel the all too obvious results in your everyday life. Again, there's no need to feel bad about this - everyone's subconscious mind is doing them damage - at least you have the advantage over other normal people in realizing that you've got a problem. 
If you do manage to turn your attention to the reality of the here and now you will experience something that you probably have never experienced before - there's no such thing as depression, there's no such thing as fear or worry, there's only a world full of possibilities and potential. Pills or medicine won't enable you experience the difference between reality and the illusion of depression - they might make the pain go away for a while but your subconscious mind will always wander back to those thoughts that are not real but just an imprint of a past long gone. The only way you will experience reality - one without depression - is to learn how to clear your mind.


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