I am Infected

The whole month of September when I feel the sudden increase of conjunctivitis among our customers in our computer rental shop. Mostly infected where the kids in our community. I never thought that I will be infected with it since I never had one ever since. This fact is a symptom that my immune system was weakened that I got infected and I am the last person at our place whom got it.

Conjunctivitis or most commonly known as  Sore eyes  or "pink eyes" is caused by a virus. Its main symptoms are red, inflamed eyes and lids, watery eyes, itchiness and a pus-like or thick discharge. Sore eyes are highly communicable even during incubation period or the time from infection to the onset of the symptoms which last from 12 to 15 days. In most cases, sore eyes disappear in about a week even without medication.

For the record urine and breast milk doesn't help to cure sore eyes. It may worsen the condition if it happens a urine of a person also has an UTI. So might as well if you are into medication better to consult physician. Avoid trying medication that are hearsay's only.


chubskulit said...

I remember that ihi thingy when I was still in Bicol, doon kasi puro mga ga mot gamot sa bundok ang uso lol.

kha said...

Ah oo nga po actually up until now madami pa din naniniwala sa ganun hirap kasi minsan palitan ung paniniwala lalo na at papatotoohan pa ng mga matatanda.

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