Dancing as Exercise

We all knew that exercise is best for the body. Every little stretching counts more and adds to normalize function in our system. Just a simple walk can do much to us. 

As I was pertaining exercise what I have here is a group of kids who were fond of dancing. At their early age their interest on dancing help them to cultivate good health. Number one since they were fond of dancing , their attentions are far from vices, such as cigarettes, alcohol and even drugs. Since they need a healthy stamina with their moves, I doubt it if they gonna like trying some. Also these guys were my regular customers on my computer rental shop. And if they were using internet, browsing famous dancers steps where the sites they kept on visiting. Second, as they practice everyday, the stretching ,the moves and the beat, help them to have stronger bones, agility and stronger lungs. See the benefits?. That preparation can make them better. And one more thing in dancing they also learned good values and attitudes because discipline was implemented by their instructors. I am praying for the success of the dreams of these little inspire-rs.

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