Underemployment and Underpaid for Nurses

I am deeply and madly depressed to the result of NLE last August but due to a positive me, I got managed the sadness that again focus and driven to continue life at its best. Just recently I am fortunate and  got hired in a company. Still as always a BPO industry. In my surprise that majority of my new friends were registered nurses. Friends in the company I am working now. That made me feel good and bad. 

First felt good, because the only difference that I and my new friends had is the little card that states a license nurse card. That they strives for the license yet after the hard work there were no generous hospital administration that will provide them  rather give  them chances to start practicing the precious career. I felt bad for that fact. The hard work of studying the whole four years, the hard work for passing the board exam seems went nowhere. Thousands of  registered nurses are currently now trapped in call centers. I am not against being in a call center as a matter of fact I am happy that this line of business arise and gave more opportunities to any individual. Yet the fact of under employment really hurts every nurses ego. How much money,time effort sacrificed just to fulfill the dream of being a nurse but in the end , different line of business where we'll going to. There were some that provide nurse a job in its description but the compensation was not enough to a simple daily living. Volunteers some unfortunately abused. Oh how I wish that everything will turn good and fairly favorable for nurses.
 Btw, here's the pic of my new friends which were composed majority of registered nurses.

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