Q for Qiapo

This is the Quiapo Church. It is located on Manila, Philippines. Referred as the "Old Downtown", Quiapo in known for where cheap buys or goods are being sold at rock-bottom prices and was the home of the Quiapo Church, where the feast for the Black Nazarene is held, with over millions of people attending annually. My father and his family , our relatives were devoted of the Black Nazarene. That devotion never stops though my dad passed away 13 years ago. We continue being a devoted unto Him. We never been absent every feast and we drops by once we have time.

This is my share for ABC Wednesday


icedgurl said...

ChEeRs! bLoGwAlKiNG hErE... ViSiT bAcK mY SiTe T00.. :] THANKZ A LOT!

beingwell said...

I like Quiapo Day! I remember having holidays from school every time. Come to think of it.. it's been a while since I've been to Quiapo.

Rizza (beingwell)

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