Second Trimester

I am now on my second trimester of pregnancy and I am so happy each day passed. I get so excited knowing I am on my way near to motherhood. I am done with the hard physiologically and emotionally stage at the first trimester. Gladly I survived it all though it means quiting my job but no regrets. I am happy.This is an exciting time of pregnancy as I see and feel the fetus changing and growing as well as watching my own body change. It is also the stage wherein disappearance of fatigue, nausea, morning sickness, and breast tenderness. So basically it's the easiest stage of pregnancy.But still I am watching out for some complication because I know though how easy to deal with these stage, it is still the phase wherein body needs to adjust with the growing fetus. More likely prone to urinary tract infections and bladder infections. Some women develop constipation and hemorrhoids. Some dietary adjustments can make women feel more comfortable and reduce these pregnancy symptoms. Women also usually start to show during this stage of pregnancy and they may notice signs of weight gain in areas like the thighs and upper arms.

Inside the uterus, the fetus develops a sleep-wake cycle and becomes much more active and inquisitive. Between 14 and 18 weeks, the fetus will start to move. Some landmarks in fetal development that happen during the second trimester of pregnancy include the development of reproductive organs, appearance of the swallowing reflex, hair growth, appearance of fingerprints, development of skeletal bones, and the development of hearing. In addition, the fetus is able to make facial expressions.

Though I have been read and studied about this fact years ago, I am still fascinated until today how magical the womans body and the fetus inside how it develops.

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