Fruit that Helps Prevent Cancer

Nowadays it so easy to acquire diseases. There lots of risk factors that might cause a person to get sick.  Not only plain and simple curable diseases but as well as the critical ones. In lieu of this people tend to look for preventive measures in an affordable, accessible and importantly herbal ways. As I watched the news the other day, this fruit was discovered in Mt. Banahaw Quezon Philippines that has rich in phytochemicals which help prevent Cancer. It was just a plain and wild fruit actually can be found anywhere. The citizen who found this out made series of tests and even asks for help of a local government to fund for his studies about the wild fruit. Fortunately the fruit is useful and proven and tested by the Bureau of Food and Drugs and releases to public that it is safe and effective eating that wild fruit. 

FYI the fruits name is wild raspberry or in tagalog it's sapinit.

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Ferry Joy said...

mayaman talaga ang kagubatan :) umiikot lang talaga ang pag kakataon!! sa kalikasan din pala makukuha ang mga bagay na imposible :)

Thanks be to god!!!

>> seryosong komento dito, misue

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