Negativity is a Magnet

I apologize for writing such negative topic today. After not writing for the long time now I am here to share this not so good information. Forgive me for I only want to share my experience and how it affects my health as well.
As of the moment I am in an employment status which no one will like to be in my shoes. It's hard and frustrating and all the processes seemed telling me to give up. Knowing myself I won't giving up. Aside from the detailed fact that I want to proved something, I took this as a new challenge on the all new chapter of my life. But the worst part of being in this situation was that having a colleague with an extreme negative vibes. His words of discouragement was so powerful. His statements full of negativity and even his face and facial reactions were full of negative vibes. Good thing I am tough that cannot be much affected of his utterances. Whenever he vents out negativism I do my favorite frustration healing defense mechanism, my guilty pleasure . Shopping at Zalora. In this way I am not going to have an enemy because I need not to argue. Not be affected because I won't listen and I am occupied and the best part is I am enjoying. Negativity is a magnet so might as well avoid being with negative people.

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simply kim said...

no matter how positive you are, if you keep on hearing negative people whining and complaining, you'll get annoyed and before you know it, you feel as negatively as they do, lol!

kimmy came here!

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