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It's New Year and it's time for a New love life???

Lol! Just kidding of coarse! But instead  a new chapter of my love life! hihihi This year hopefully my year. It's time to fly high! If Ferry took 2010 as their year of stepping a new journey well this will be mine! I wish and I pray that no unexpected stoppers this time. Huny for the nth time proposed and I did said yes last year but the April Fools day was unexpected and due to  norms we need to reschedule  for a year  of our  almost planned wedding by that time sometime supposedly August.  
That must be the biggest changes of my love life for this year. We have been together literally for 4 years and 5 months. It took long before I said yes to wedding , because I am not a believer of marriage before. And basically I don't intend to get marry before 25 years old. Yes! were living in one proof but that doesn't mean  were already married. Just to call it a test. Test that took 4 years to be proven..hihihi.. 
I am still on the my way persuading huny to have a civil  than a church wed because it is so expensive. Wish he give in! My uber conservative snob! I  admit as a female am dreaming of a grand wedding but not as of the moment! It can wait! But Huny wants a one time big time. Ouch it's a pocket burden! Anyway whatever it takes, the important fact is were still  together and counting more years with each others arms!


feRry jHoi ^.^ said...

well.. well... well... do I need to be ready??? nyahaha!!!

promise, I'll make it up to both of you!!! pag sinabi mong gumapang ako sa floor to make sure the aisle are clean... I'll do it!!! sa laki ba naman ng utang namen ni paul sayo kha!!! You deserve a church wedding... I agree with Lhex on that thinking!!! goodluck!! am just here (kelangan mo ng EMCEE, we are here for you) nyahahaha

nga pla, please vote for me as the sweetest blogger... hintay ko click mo huh!!! here's the link

Thanks Kha
-->> wit lang, baket walang link??

kha said...

ahahaha puro ka ganyan! echos!
sakto lang. I will ask if I need but as much as I want,I dream and hopefully our budget can, our visitors , everyone including us will be special..

simply kim said...

i like your being liberal about the marriage issue, but i'm happy that you finally said yes, it means that you are finally convinced of the beauty of marriage.. good luck on that, and more power to you, girl!

K said...

i quite agree with living under one roof before getting married. hehe. good luck on your wedding plans! i hope it pushes through this year (whether it be a simple civil wedding or a bonggang-bonggang church wedding!)

mjrodriguez said...

i'd advise you to have the grand wedding if you can afford it now. i myself never had one and we only had a civil wedding. and although i am quite happy how everything turned out, i suppose it will always be in the back of my mind that one day i'll have my grand wedding. but life happens and it does cost very much. anyway, anuman ang decision, hope it turns out well!

Happy GT!

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