Leukemia on Kids

I posted here on my blog about the exercise most kids in our plae addicted too. It's a dancing ativity wherein my friend is their choreographer and they were practicing everyday in front of our house. One of those cool kids died last Tuesday. It was a sudden death that almost everybody didn't expects.The kid didn'tshow any symptoms. He was as naughty as he is and as lively as what he used to be. All of a sudden the kid just complaint of sore eyes and body weakness. He was just brought to the hospital because his father noticed his eyes were swollen. From that day he never went back home and the last time we heard was that he's dead. That fast. It's just a week. Later on we found out that the diagnosis to him was leukemia.
That's him, the last Christmas Party we gave for our avid customers and sadly his last party with us.
Leukemia is a cancer of the bone marrow, the spongy center of the bones that makes blood cells. More common in children under the age of 10.In leukemia, abnormal white blood cells divide out of control and crowd out the normal cells in the bloodstream. The abnormal white blood cells are not mature, and therefore cannot carry out their infection-fighting function in the blood. These cells crowd out healthy white blood cells, as well as the red blood cells which carry oxygen to the body and the platelets which cause the blood to clot.
Leukemia is treated by combination chemotherapy and sometimes radiation.

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