Upon observation with the kids I am with everyday, they were really scary. Scary in a way that parents can't even control their toddlers for his/her wants. They said that we have a different era today. That kids were fast paced and easy to adapt with the environment. It scares me in a way and even  ask myself what about my baby soon? They said it depends on the way parents brought them up, on the movies their parents allow them to watch or on the environment where they lived. Seems  the Erick-Erickson's developmental stage were outdated anymore. It gives me a feeling of worries as early as today. Especially  cases that I observed here in our community. She's only 1 year old but know bad expressions and bad words.Though she can't complete a word yet. I know how her mom and grandparents were strict about the movie the baby watched and to the people they let their baby to play with. So why it was still like that?.Another is Huny's nephew, her sister is a strict mom to her kid, actually I like it how she guides her son.But working away for only two week has a lot of changes to his son's attitude.It's more wild, hard to disciplined, extreme tantrums and using words which is so unlikely for a 3 year old.Even her sister and his mom having headache with that 3 year old toddler.
I don't have plans of being stay at home mom for good. I know that sooner when I give birth, I will prepare myself to look for a job. I will not be with her all the time.Our baby will be with mom and a nanny. That's our plan to help each other provide a better future for our family. I have no doubts how mom took care and disciplined kids. She's strict but she's kind.I can say she's perfect as a mom. Still I am afraid that it is  different from a daughter to a grandchild. Grand mom usually were more less strict, easy to give in just to see grandchild's precious smile.  As early as today I am briefing mom hat I don't want a brat kid. That I want her to guide the baby like the way her rules applied to us when we're young. My worries starts today as I see kids around.

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