Done with my ultrasound last Friday. It was my 21sth week. My OB said I need (she recommends) to have an ultrasound on my 20th since I was complaining of a feeling that something was not normal within my uterus. Seems like my baby is keep on staying on the lower part and I am afraid that I maybe in any risk. We postponed the ultrasound on exactly the 20th week for we want to know and possible to be more visible to visualized the gender in the 21st week. We were exaggeratedly excited. Though Huny didn't have enough and good sleep for two consecutive days, he managed to be still awake and lively to see our baby in the ultrasound monitor.  We were both happy checking on him/her inside.

At first, Huny wanted a 3D or 4D ultrasound but I refused cause it only costs too much for us.We were on a tight budget since we're gonna spend for our wedding next month. We only wanted to be sure of the baby's safety and that can also be checked using the regular ultrasound, no need to spend more. We can see the baby when it come out. 
As the ultrasound goes, we saw the fetus inside. He is moving, waving his hands as if he knows he/she has been viewed. He smiled. That was so amazing! Huny and I can't control our smile and reaction while undergoing ultrasound. When it's about to view the fetus gender, he/she moves his legs hiding something as if he know what the Ultrasonologist plan. Unfortunately we didn't able to check for the gender. And our baby didn't want to move his/her legs anymore. What he consistently moves was his hands on his/her face. Diverting our attention to his/her actions. Though were sort of disappointed yet were still happy seeing him/her. We didn't went home disappointed much for he/she was showing some talent even inside the womb. =)

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Cedngasngu said...

Haha, congrats on your baby (is it a girl or boy) :) what will be his/her name?

Thanks for dropping by my blog :)

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