Blighted Ovum

I have a friend currently suffering these situation I am going to post. I was so sad since yesterday I found about this thing. They have been trying to conceived for two years and my friend had a twice miscarriage now this third scenario makes her feel in deep vain. The couple really praying to have a baby. I wish this time my good friend overcome these trials. I know she can! My prayers is with them. I just want to be thankful to them and I am so flattered that among our big group of friends the couple did told to me first the situation prior to their parents and friends where they were now. All through the miles they preferred to share it to me. Basically means for me that they trusted and took me as a real friend. I will always be thankful to these couple for sharing me the good things and the triumphs of their life throughout the years not physically being together.

Blighted Ovum is a type of  pregnancy loss. Usually it was called as missed abortion or a silent miscarriage. The fertilized egg (ovum) implants in the uterus (womb), but for some reason a baby does not develop. It can happen to anyone.. It usually happens accidentally. The cause of these pregnancy is still unknown. It's thought to be an accident of nature. After the egg was fertilized b the sperm the cells begin dividing. Some cells develop into the embryo, and others develop into the placenta and membranes. In this case the cells that would have become the embryo fail (probably because a mistake happened during fertilization, and there are too many or too few chromosomes), but the cells that become the placenta and membranes keep developing, so the pregnancy sac continues to grow inside the uterus and the placenta starts to form. 
The woman body will not going to recognized that the baby is not developing. The usual pregnancy symptoms can be felt and the presumptive signs. This  will only be found out on the first ultrasound.

 This is how the Blighted ovum ultrasound looks at 12 weeks
 A normal 12 week ultrasound

A blighted ovum condition may be treated by a dilatation & curettage (D&C) or local term as raspa. Or it maybe expelled by the body naturally if the woman feel pain and experienced bleeding. Normally women suffer blighted ovum had a successful pregnancy after.

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