I Fired my OB

That was just a joke of coarse.. Hehehe But literally I commit now to a new OB. My former OB seemed to be clue less on what I am pertaining to when it comes to my pregnancy. She is nice but most of the time she acts as if she didn't know what I am talking about. Heller! We're both in a medical field. One very simple and funny example was a Doppler. It is the instrument used to hear the baby's heartbeat aside from using stethoscope and OMG she ask me "what is it look like?.. Ta dah! In a split seconds I decided not to see her again. For a month I content myself having a monitoring through the health center. Also avail for the free pregnancy vaccines. Practicality wise, vaccines in my OB cost much but has the same content when you went to the health centers. So I am pretty sure that I am safe and made the right decision in a month. Now the search is over, finally a good friend suggested me her older sisters OB followed up by Ate Niko, I decided to scheduled a meeting with her last Saturday. No doubt she's good and accommodating. Our perceptions {somehow few knowledge} met halfway so its a mutual understanding. LOL. I will be meeting her again on the 13th of August.
She said upon reading my last ultrasound and laboratories that my baby is fine, he (it's a boy) is so big than usual so she advised then to stop drinking my usual pregnancy milk and changed my multivitamins to specific vitamins. She don't want me to have a hard time delivering  my baby via normal spontaneous delivery. I'll be a very obedient patient Doc!Thanks for the good start.
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