Oh My Sugar!

I am guilty! Guilty of being addicted to sugar and sweets. Prior pregnancy I really love sweets. Good thing I a person loves adventures and extraneous activities. Resulted that excessive sugar is being formed into energy that I wastes every time. Also because of that activities I am not becoming a diabetic patient. Too much sugar intake  is being compensated by my activities too. But now that I am pregnant everything has changed.  Heavy activities has been lessen. But still my intake is the the same as what I have prior pregnancy. Obviously it will cause differently to my body. Last August 17, I had to undergo a laboratory exam called Oral Glucose Challenge Test. It was requested by my OB as a requirement in determining if I may progress a diabetes related to pregnancy. She said every woman at the age of 25 and above are required to have this kind of laboratory test because in this age of a pregnant women more suspected of having a Gestational Diabetes. And my laboratory tests result.. I failed.. The normal values of glucose for pregnant women is 70 to 140 mg/dl and my result was 182 mg/dl. So obviously I have to do something about it. I want to blame this condition to my brother who recently arrived home and brought so many chocolates. Just right in time I am on my third trimester. hehehe

What happened if Pregnant Mom have a GD? 
It is more likely to deliver a unusual bigger size infant that may also resulted of having a caesarian delivery.  Infant will be obese or later on will be affected of this too much glucose and prone of having diabetes too. 
To mom, after delivery is still glucose will not be compensated well, she will be at risk having a Diabetes Mellitus type 2. That means it is now needs to be maintained.


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simply kim said...

don't be too hard on yourself. just be more careful the next time. left you a KI$$, hope to get one back, thanks!

by the way do you mind checking out on The Lawyer?

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