Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Tendonitis or Hands Paresthesia

On my third trimester, I suddenly felt this tingling and numbness feeling on my right hand. In fact as I type this post my right hand were not doing well still. I already mentioned this to my doctor and she only advised me to have a stress ball to squeeze from time to time. It's been a month or so that I felt this. I just have to manage it by exercising yet no single seconds that the numbness fades nor the tingling sensation. It was as if a dead hand when I try to grasp things I can but it needs support. I am a little bit of worried but as I prioritize today is me giving birth. So far I can tolerate the feeling but I know sooner after I give birth , I will focus on treating this.AS I look for my own medication, I tried to look online what is exactly I am suffering to. Providing the symptoms I am feeling, I found to categorized it as a carpal tunnel syndrome, tendonitis or Hands Paresthesia.

Carpal tunnel syndrome

Numbness, tingling pain, and weakness in the thumb, index and middle fingers as a result of irritation of the median nerve being irritated at the wrist.


Hand tendonitis symptoms occur when the tendon, the tissue that connects the hand's muscles to its many bones, becomes inflamed. Tendonitis often occurs due to overuse, although the tendons can become inflamed after an injury. Any tendon in the body can develop tendonitis, but the hand and wrist are particularly prone to the condition because they are so often used.

Hands Paresthesia
Vitamin B12 deficiency and severe conditions of multiple sclerosis are some of the conditions which may cause the tingling sensation. A person experiencing a heart attack also experiences paresthesia in the hands.There are several other conditions which will cause such symptoms. Some of these are low levels of thyroid, any form of diabetes, stroke, migranes, Sjogren’s syndrome and the Guillain Barre Syndrome. The use of certain medications is also known to cause this condition. Antihistamines and drugs that are used to treat migraines often cause these symptoms.
Neither the three condition I don't want to suffer. Especially I know it will limits my bonding with my baby when she arrives. As for today  I will use home remedies, like ice pack, stress ball or exercise just to ease temporarily the numbness and tingling.


I am gie said...

Hi mommy, I experienced that too on my first and second pregnancies. I was told that I should take more B vitamins up until 3 months post pregnancy. It helped but check with your OB too as it was only advised to me by a nurse. lol :)

kha said...

Thank you mommy Gie.. Same as my ob told me just a vitamin deficiency.. nag tatake naman ako pero walang changes. 2 months ko na xang iniinda.

I am gie said...

ouch.. :( tiis mo na lang sis, konti na lang. as soon as mkalabas si baby, pde ka na magvitamins ng bongga!

simply kim said...

i hope you feel better soon, girl!

by the way do you mind checking out on The Shack At The End of the Road?

air said...

nakakatakot naman

following you here and leaving your link here

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