Almost in the Risk of Placenta Previa

One of the complications in pregnancy is Placenta Previa.When I was on my third trimester, my doctor requested for the final ultrasound. This is to check for the fetal position, the amniotic and the placenta. It's almost week before my due and I really felt nervous as I saw my ultrasound report. Though the request issued and I undergone 3 days before it will be read by my doctor, as a healthcare provider, I understand what was written in my result. I actually felt that my blood pressure increases as I found that my placenta is on grade 2. 
In reading the results it was written as grade 0,1, 2 and 3.

Grade 0
  •     Late 1st trimester-early 2nd trimester
  •     Uniform moderate echogenicity
  •     Smooth chorionic plate without indentations
Grade 1
  •     Mid 2nd trimester –early 3rd trimester (~18-29 wks)
  •     Subtle indentations of chorionic plate
  •     Small, diffuse calcifications (hyperechoic) randomly dispersed in placenta
Grade 2
  •     Late 3rd trimester (~30 wks to delivery)
  •     Larger indentations along chorionic plate
  •     Larger calcifications in a “dot-dash” configuration along the basilar plate
Grade 3
  •     39 wks – post dates
  •     Complete indentations of chorionic plate through to the basilar plate creating “cotyledons” (portions of placenta separated by the indentations)
  •     More irregular calcification with significant shadowing
  •     May signify placental dysmaturity which can cause IUGR
  •     Associated with smoking, chronic hypertension, SLE, diabetes
Obviously these explanation of placenta grade will not be written in the ultrasound result. Because your obstetrician was the one going to read it for you. So upon seeing it, if your not in an allied medicine field or a type of person who rely everything to your doctor to explain everything this will not going to make you panic especially for first time moms. What does this mean?
Grade 0 and 1 is good. The baby can be deliver via vagina. Grade 2 and 3 is already an indication to have a caesarean section delivery.
Then again I am one of the little percentage who wants to know every little detail especially on my laboratories. And the effect, it made my blood pressure soar a little bit higher which is not a good idea before I gave birth a week from then.
Sometimes I wish I known a few so as I will not be affected. But at the end of the day I am thankful still though it made me panic at least I know what to expect.

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rona said...

Hello Mommy Kha! Buti naman at may knowledge ka. Ikaw na ang nurse! Si Nene may bagong post about her procedure para makaconceive. I'm so happy for that move!

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