(PUPP)Pruritic Urticarial Papules and Plaques of Pregnancy

This maybe sound too scientifically but in layman's term this is just an itchy bumpy rash. Annoying but benign that usually develops on the abdomen near the umbilical area and spreads to the thighs and extremities.When worst comes into worsts itching can  become very severe and spread to the rest of the body but good thing not in the face. Acne most of the time attacks the face of a pregnant woman and this is due to hormonal changes. But despite this rashes it has no risk to your pregnancy. The thing that makes it a risks is because of the urge of the pregnant woman to maintain a clean skin that is tempt to use products unsafe for the baby.

What Causes PUPP?
No one really knows. Even doctors don't have a concrete explanation about it. It was not correlated with the increased level of hormones that usually takes place in a pregnant woman. But theory says that fetal cells invade the mother's skin during pregnancy reason for it to develop PUPP. Another theory says that it is genetic and can be traced through the father's side. PUPPP usually appears in the third trimester and disappears after childbirth.

What to do with PUPP?
Basically nothing. Just make yourself comfort. Take a bath several times. Put some cold compress to soothe a feeling. Oatmeal or baking soda bath. And for not to worsen the condition wear gloves if you can't resists in scratching.

Accept it there were certain situations that makes us discomfort yet no one can explains. That's how complex a humans body. But despite conditions like these, let's just look at the brighter side.  Like for an instance, this is one way of helping our baby inside soothe their feeling inside since we cannot barely touch them and the consequences for them to be pampered is in ours, their moms.

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