Rainy Season Illneses

It's time of the year that classes starts same as rainy season. Here in the Philippines how ironic schedules that children need to bear rain and floods in going to school. That's the way it is more than a decade and I don't know when the government want to make some schedule change.
Got no chances of avoiding illnesses accompanied by rain and floods. All we have to do is to be prepared and took extra care for prevention.
As a new mom, it saddened me the fact that there will come a time that I need to be paranoid if classes starts because of this scenario. That's why, if only I can and if its possible (with husband's approval)  I am rooting of a homeschooling study based for my kids. This is to ensure their safety. Well my daughter is just 18 months old and thinking this early about schooling is I know some kinda weird. But still I am preparing husband that sooner or later I will insists to have his blessing on what I planned after all maybe if the time comes that it is about our daughter's turn to go to school maybe he's convinced.

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