Undergone a Diet Counseling

I am aware of diet counseling but not to the extent that I thought I will once going to be a patient of a dietician. Yes! It never crossed my mind even when I am still young and studying nursing. Even on my first pregnancy. It just happened this year to my second pregnancy. I am in a bit confuse on how my body works inside that I have to suffer such while I am not doing more than the usual on my first pregnancy and I am even more active in household chores while this second pregnancy starts. Really until today I am writing this post I am wondering how and why. The only thing that  I though it was manifested is through stress. Been in a lot of stress when second pregnancy starts , during around first and second trimester but other than that as I mentioned I have more than activities and exercise this time. 
Anyway, as I undergone a  thorough  diet counseling, I've got to learn a lot of things about nutrition and the proper diet. Before I am only eating five times a day but now it turned to be six times but with the smaller quantity. Also I learned to be more aware on calories, protein, fats and carbohydrates intake on each meal I have to eat. It isn't that hard to maintain. It only composes of self control. It also need not to hurt the household budget, just be familiar with foods and it's vitamin contents.
I just realize it isn't bad once in a while consult a dietician. Not most of what we read and see over the internet and books can give us the proper understanding of dieting.


Milex said...

I am wowed

simply kim said...

uh-oh! i also have health issues that might get fixed with GOOD and PROPER diet. though I haven't consulted a dietician yet, i might in the future. for now, i get by with low fat and low salt diet.. :(

Kha Arabejo said...

@ Milex
thanks for dropping by.

@Simply Kim
Thanks for always visiting me here. You must ate, you will be guided very well on what to take.

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